I’ll buy that for a Pound! – The Oracle

Survival Kickstarter is entering the final days!! We’ve gone into DEFCON 2 people… things are getting serious. There’s no more time to sit and think about it, you have to act now if you want to get in on this game.

There are many things to love about Survival. We’ve got a unique karma system, loads of interesting playable factions and a fully developed story line complete with original artwork. Along with all that, part of the beauty of getting a game from an indie developer is that you tend to get some pretty cool add-ons. We’re not some huge brick and mortar shop who can’t be bothered to listen to the fans. You’ll notice our guru game designer and company owner, Ed, is actively involved in the comments and questions that come through from all our backers.

It’s because of this direct connection to our fans that we have made some great adaptations to our Kickstarter. Every day, new things are being added. Our most recent addition was a form-fillable character sheet. Ed has also decided to make the Digital Player’s Guide only £1. Seriously, £1! That’s like choosing between a pack of gum which is likely to get stuck in your hair and give you cavities or a solid game that’s going to give you hours of nail biting, lip chewing action and fun with friends. The choice is clear.

One last note before I leave you today. All of the Lyres Pocket Edition rewards have been sent out. Huge thank you to all our great Lyres fans who keep this small and insane, yet hilariously fun game going.

See you next time!

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