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Are you curious to know what other people think of Era: Survival? Ed’s been getting some great reviews coming back and we’ll share those links as soon as possible. gave the game a positive review and so far everyone has loved it. One of the things reviewers have mentioned are our faction Source Books, a fabulous resource for getting even more out of the world of Survival. These Source Books are just one of the many rewards available through our Stretch Goals.

So, what are you waiting for? Era: Survival is going strong in its Kickstarter debut with only days left until completion. Now is the perfect time to jump in and join all our supporters. Survival backers are taking to the comments section with some fabulous questions and conversations so dive right in!

Will you be a Raider, stealing what you need to survive? Will you be a Defender, saving humanity one life at a time? Or one of the many other special groups that call Gaia their home?

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