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It’s official, you won’t have to wait long to get your hands on a copy of our newest game; Era: Lyres. Our Kickstarter is scheduled to begin on March 23rd. Mark the date on your calendar and start deciding which of your friends is the best Lyre!

If you caught my Saturday post for Era: The Consortium and its comic, Counting Down From One, then you’ll know how I feel about playing a game in a world that you get to help create. It’s one of the best things about role playing games! There’s nothing better than a comic about a game to give you a sense of the world and the emotions of characters who live in it. They’re a starting place for all that imagination and I’m thrilled to tell you that Ed’s decided to create one for Lyres.

The story will feature three particularly well known Lyres and is going to be a tale of how they met and their first adventure together. I’ve read a few pages of the draft and so far these guys are a hilarious match up who take turns making me laugh and cheer. This will be offered as a Kickstarter reward either alone or bundled with the rulebook. I’m really looking forward to this one!

See you next week!

– A

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