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We’re almost a week out from our Order of the Link Kickstarter finish and we couldn’t be more pleased with the turn out. It really has been great to see this game, with over 30 years of work and ideas, getting the attention it deserves. If you haven’t checked it out yet, set aside some time to do that today – we’re not far from the next Stretch Goal!

Sunday is a great time to kick back, laze around in your comfy clothes and check out what’s new. In addition to perusing the Kickstarter, you can also listen the results of our latest interview with RPGGamerDad. We sent him a copy of Amazing Space Adventures and he was really excited about it. Due to sound quality issues you won’t hear Ed talking but GamerDad goes over what was said and you can catch it on his March 2nd podcast.

In Game Development News I want to let you know that Marked For Death will be gearing up for a Kickstarter that will debut in just a few short months. You’ve heard some of the details, seen some of the art and soon you’ll have a chance to get this game in your hands! Everything about it is looking good and coming along just as planned. If you like FATE games but are looking for a bit more of a challenge with that system you should definitely check this one out.

We also have “Defend the Planet” just starting down its path of creation and so far we’re really impressed with it. It’s going to be a fantastic game and everything looks very encouraging. Right now Ed is working with the creator to write the game’s story. I’m imagining epic hovertank battles with bioroid commanders fighting side by side. What d’ya think Ed, am I close?

I have one more things for you to check out today while you’re brewing that second pot of coffee. Ed is working with the creator of Frontier to decide what he would like to say on the website but until that gets finished we have our first piece of Frontier artwork to help you get in the spirit of the game. Enjoy!


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