Kickstarter News and More Games on the Way!

The Kickstarter for our second Era: The Empowered comic is over. Thank you to everyone who joined us in giving Penumbra her own story. She’s a special favorite among the crew and it was great being able to bring her to life. For all those fabulous backers who are joining us today, welcome! We’ll be sending out more information on the fulfillment process soon so keep checking back.

If you didn’t get a chance to join us for Penumbra’s comic, don’t worry. We have plenty more opportunities to get involved and our current Kickstarter is huge! Era: The Consortium’s expansion bonanza was funded within 48 hours of release and it’s still going strong. We’ve reached the first Stretch Goal which means that every backer will receive the Time Travel Campaign Book 1, in addition to whatever their original pledge gives them! And we’re not finished yet. We’re getting very close to our second Stretch Goal which would give every backer A New Dawn expansion book. Things are just warming up and I highly recommend you get in there and give it a look.

There are so many great things planned that it’s hard to list them all but I have two that I can announce for you today. Ed is working on a new game, Era: Hitman, which joins a modern setting and an assassin storyline. Of course, just like everything we do there’s a unique twist and in this game, our assassins are packing more than handguns. The game will include a set of cards for those of you who love that added feel to your games. I’ll be sending out more information on this as we get further into development.

Along with this new game, I can also tell you that Ed’s brought Era: Empowered back around for more work on a full rulebook. This 90’s inspired, hero and villain, style game features characters from across the globe with an assortment of amazing and sometimes perplexing powers. The style guide for this game is coming along and I hope to have more news for you soon.

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Until next time, keep rolling!