Kickstarter Rewards (A Universe of Expansions) – The Oracle

By now I’m sure you’re aware that the Kickstarter for Era: The Consortium ended in spectacular fashion, generating an extra five books for all those above the first level. I’d like to thank everyone again who backed us. It’s only because of the support of our fans that we’re able to continue making these great games. Surveys have been sent out already and we’re working hard to finish all that new content. We’re going to do everything we can to keep on schedule so definitely keep checking back here to get periodic updates on how we’re doing. There’s lots to be done!

Would you like to know just what exactly all those extra books get you? Let me break it down for you.

The Secret War – This book will let you play as one of two kinds of covert operatives, either a Shade or a Phantom. You can choose whether you support the Resistance or the establishment and use your new skills and tools to undermine your opponents.

The Fifth Race – This book introduces a whole new species! You’ll get some in-depth background and story content to get you started as you explore the world through brand new eyes. Along with this playable race, you’ll also get access to more equipment (50% extra from what we included in the original Core Rulebook!).

Rapier – This book explores the dangers and opportunities of hacking inside the virtual world of computer systems. Whether you’re trying to hotwire a DISARM or grab some juicy blackmail material from a Moritasgas CEO, you’ll need to pass through a gauntlet of virtual challenges.

A New Dawn – The book where you get to add Psionic Abilities to your characters! I know you’ve been waiting for this. We’ve got everything you’ve come to expect and more.

Time Travel Campaign Books 1 & 2 (and just unlocked via PayPal additions, Book 3!) – Do you ever wish you could have one giant do-over? That’s what these books are. The Time Travel Campaign allows you to go back to the very beginning of the Consortium and reshape it in your own image, rewrite history!

Revival – The book that brings horror to the Consortium. This rulebook will incorporate Survival Horror rules into the Consortium and will provide a taxing campaign aboard the mining vessel the Sadoko. The story is evocative of both Alien and Dead Space.

So, that’s the complete list of all the fantastic games the supporters of the Kickstarter can look forward to. If you’re seeing all this and you realize how much you’d love to get in on the fun there will be another opportunity. We will very soon allow access to a page which will let you purchase the books via PayPal! The Consortium is expanding at an amazing rate. Get in on it now so you don’t miss out on any of it!

As always, remember that you can get the regular monthly gameplay sessions over at our Patreon account. It’s absolutely worth checking out, especially if you’re a committed player.

I’ll see you next week with more news and updates!