Milestone Episode and Kickstarter Update – The Oracle

Have you been following along with Claymore unit and all their mad crazy adventures? If so, then you already know that Adam and the crew at Dice & Stuff have reached their milestone 25th episode! It’s been a fabulous series and we’re thrilled to hear each release. For this latest episode we get to see how the team plans to interrogate their captive and I’ll let you know something…they’re plenty excited. Now that we’ve got an entire days worth of listening I suggest you set yourself up a Do Not Disturb notice and catch up on the whole series. As our marketing guru says, “Marathons are not just for Netflix!”

I have a few points of Consortium news today and the first is a quick update on our comic Kickstarter. Counting Down From One is over 85% funded! Thank you to everyone who already supported us, we couldn’t keep putting out great games and content if it weren’t for you guys. This is a great story with plenty of room for expansion and we can’t wait to get parts two and three finished. Stop by, take a look and spread the news. For the same price as a boxed lunch you can get a first run copy of this indie comic along with the warm fuzzy feeling that comes with supporting a great project.

While I’m talking about warm fuzzies, I also want to mention that we’re developing something that’s sure to get you excited for our MCM Comicon event in May. Ed and his development team are creating a brand new playable session! We’ll be bringing it along with the Last Stand of Stiletto Unit for anyone who wants to sit down and play a game with us. I wish I could tell you more but the details are still a mystery. Closer to the event I may be able to give out some hints so keep your eyes open.

My last news for today is that the final layout for the Full Consortium rulebook is being applied to all pages. Ed is pouring through them to make sure that they are each an individual work of art. I don’t have a date yet when this will be available but we don’t want to let this go until it’s absolutely perfect!

Enjoy your Saturday, get out there and get rolling!

– A

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