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Order of the Link just wrapped up their Kickstarter with an amazing tally of THREE stretch goals achieved, a whopping 736% funded and scoring a Staff Pick Acknowledgement! There’s hitting it out of the park and then there’s what Order of the Link just did.

All this success is thanks to the support of great gaming fans like you all. Without your efforts this game and the many others we work together on would never get a chance to be played and enjoyed by its fans. Give yourselves a hand people, well done! For everyone who donated, supported, passed along the news and talked about us… Thank you. Your rewards will be worked on and sent out as soon as possible.

I’d like to end today with two pieces of art. The first is a draft of the cover image for Marked for Death. I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again…If you’re going to be an assassin, be one that can throw a fireball! The second image is a scene from the Frontier universe. From the looks of things I’d say there’s going to be plenty of action! The more I see of it the more I like this game.

Marked For Death Cover Draft Low-Res

picture 3-websafe

Until next week!

– A

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