More Comics Are On The Way – The Oracle

Now that our back-to-back run of convention appearances is over we’re full speed ahead on the creation of our two favorite things, games and comics. Those of you who stopped by at either MCM or UKGE these past two weeks will certainly have noticed that the amount of comics we have on offer is getting substantial. Still, Ed and the Comics Team have plans to ramp up production even more!

We’re developing a large and interconnected sequence of comic story-lines which will allow each character their own feature comics as well as a chance to appear in combined stories. Some of these characters you’ve already met and others will be brand-new to you. We’ll be creating some new adventures for a couple of our fan favorites; Blue-Shift, Violete, Lacuna, and Penumbra as well as giving you a chance to meet new characters such as Shifter, Tornado, and K’Jarr.

It’s not just the world of the Empowered that is going to get a boost in comics. We’ll also be bringing you a whole new science fiction series based out of the Consortium! This series of stories will sit alongside the Bug War Anthology and has the working title DISARMed. Fans of the Consortium should know exactly what this title is hinting at… Giant Mechs! There are few things more fun in the science fiction universe than getting to operate a massive mechanical beast like the DISARM and I have a feeling this new comic series will showcase just how impressive that can be.

That’s all I have for you today in the field of breaking news. If you haven’t already checked it out, stop by our Evil Overlord Kickstarter and join the over 160 people who are giving that game a try. All the feedback we’ve received from folks who’ve played is that it’s a fun, fast-paced and addictive game. We’ve already passed our funding goal and marched through several Stretch goals so all you need to do is stop in and pick out your reward level!

I’m out of here for today, but be sure to come back on Saturday for another look at one of our upcoming Consortium miniatures. See you then!