Another Stiletto Unit Miniature – The Oracle

We’re working our way through the Stiletto Unit Miniature collection! Next up is the athletic Kutsutas. This energetic Stiletto teammate started out as an extreme sports athlete in her youth, garnering fame and recognition with her impressive physical skills. However, once she learned that Smertios Security was responsible for the death of her parents she made the decision, dragging her brother Zeelay with her, to join the Resistance and seek out some much needed revenge. She’s an expressive and outgoing member of the team who brings a great deal of emotion to their dynamic.

You can check out Kutsutas and all the rest of the Stiletto Unit Miniatures this weekend at the UK Games Expo! Come to our booth at stand 1-B10 near the entrance to Hall 1 to play a game with us and see what we have to offer.

I’ll be back next week to talk a bit about some of our upcoming projects so stop in soon and I’ll see you then!