Era: The Empowered Core Rulebook


Page Count: 296

Era: The Empowered is a superhero tabletop RPG set on an earth-like planet named Terra. Allowing a versatile approach to superhero roleplaying, this book offers the ability to play anywhere in a nine-phase story, from the first emergence of Empowered beings, all the way to standing against world-ending threats. Whether you want to play as a squad of government-run super-agents, the devoted guardians of an ancient god, or a team of super-villainous bank robbers; Era: The Empowered provides a playground for you to create your own brave heroes or devious villains. 


Our superhero system is unique by its use of the innovative power tree mechanic, enabling you to create your very own super-power in minutes. This approach to super-talents allows you to use your empowered abilities as easily as any other skill, rather than locking them behind a punishing set of dice rolls. Things as seemingly minor as great acrobatics, all the way to controlling earthquakes are balanced by the nature of the tree, and quick to understand, create, and modify. This fast and fun system makes superpowers easier and more fun to use than any other superhero system on the market. 


In this rulebook, you will find:

  • The Core Era D10 ruleset, a versatile “dice pool” based TTRPG game system which powers play
  • Rules for our innovative “Power Tree”. Create your own, or use one of our many examples
  • A detailed guide to character creation, including 45 pre-made power trees, to help create the hero of your dreams the very first time you play
  • An equipment list, including weapons, armour, and gadgets, to equip your heroes for battle
  • A detailed timeline of Terra, allowing you to play anywhere from modern to golden age comics, experience alien invasions, prejudice against Empowered kind, and much more
  • A detailed run down of corporations, organisations, settings and governments on the planet Terra, providing a detailed, fleshed out world for your heroes to exist in
  • Sixteen example sessions, for new GMs to get started with right away
  • Examples of play, and fun suggestions to flesh out events and consequences – such as a fumble table, for when things go wrong, or random events to strike the city the heroes are sworn to protect


The Era: The Empowered core rulebook (and a few dice!) are all that is required for anyone to play the game. With a player’s guide available and plenty of context, abilities, and much much more in the rulebook, as well as extra story and setting information, you’re all set for more adventure, should you want to dive deeper into the world of Era: The Empowered.


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