• ~19 minutes in length for the base movie.
  • The setting is a dark alternate modern timeline, where the gods from mythology have risen and taken over the world.
  • Superheroes exist in this city, but they are not powerful enough to defeat the Old God Herne in a fight!
  • Four actors are involved, two of which are considered “main characters”.
  • The movie was shot on greenscreen, which allows us to create some very cool VFX!
  • The production so far has been funded by Ed Jowett, but we need a little more to finish the CGI to the high standard that we feel viewers deserve!

“When the Old Gods rose, we weren’t ready.

We had fought supervillains before, but these were different. They were powerful, they were driven and they already knew what it took to rule the world.

They seized our cities and killed enough of those who opposed them that the less powerful heroes of the world had no choice but to hide or submit.

Our city is ruled by ‘Herne’, who has the power to animate every tree in the city into a vicious and powerful soldier.”

Drift (Daisy Boyden) and Snake (Mark Hunter) are two of the less powerful heroes in the world, and they find their city taken over by an Old God with so much more power than them, they have no chance.

The two are long-time allies, but they choose a different approach to this.

While Snake chooses to go underground and fight back using his power to change into other people, Drift chooses to placate Herne. Hoping that she can delay the people’s suffering until more powerful people on her side can arrive, she ends up at odds with Snake’s combative plans.

After a chance meeting, the two agree to leave dead drops on a rooftop to communicate more safely…


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