Radio Free Taranis – The Oracle

Back in July I told you a few things about our upcoming audio drama based on the Consortium universe; Radio Free Taranis. I’m pleased to confirm that this project is well under way!

We have just received the first round of feedback from our beta listeners and so far everyone has loved it! We’ve heard positive comments on both the overall production quality as well as the quality of voice acting. Our resident sound designer, Leo Cosh, is the voice of Midnight Terry and he is hands down fantastic. We’re excited to have his talent and skills add to this project.

Beta listeners have also noted that the pilot episode adds humor and a deeper insight into the life of the Consortium’s citizens. For those of you who may not have caught my first post back in July, Radio Free Taranis will bring you life on Taranis from within the perspective of one man who is doing his best to wake the city from its dangerous ignorance. Reporting on what he’s seen and experienced, Midnight Terry shares the news stories that the Big Eight don’t want you to hear.

This ambitious project will be coming your way next year so keep checking back here for more news and updates.

See you next week!