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MCM Comicon is just around the corner! This is one of our biggest events of the year and along with having an unprecedented number of GM’s to help run games we will also be joined by two of our independent creators.

The designers behind Marked for Death and Ether will be joining us to help out behind the counter as well as give their thoughts on making games with Shades of Vengeance. Now is a great time to get started on that unique idea you’ve always wanted to turn into a fully playable RPG.

So, you’ve got the idea but you just don’t know how we can help? Let me show you.


We offer:

Professional writers to help make your stories and content zing. You want players to feel like they’re stepping into the world that you’ve imagined full of emotion and life-like characters. We have a collection of great writers ready to make your vision come alive.

High quality art that will take your game from just “Ok” to “Have you seen this yet?”. If there’s one thing people will point out about your game it’s going to be the art. We work with a group of dedicated artists who make creation easy with their flexible talents and vast skills.

We also coordinate development of Video trailers, Comics, Music, Apps for Android or iOS… and so much more!

Check out our services page to see more of what we do and I’ll see you next time.

Until next week!


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