#RPGaDay2020 – Day 21: Push

Hi everyone!

The final push of a project is always the hardest. In convention panels, I’ve been known to say that it’s 80/20 – the latter half of that being that the last 20% feels like 80% of the work!

It’s not helped by the fact that it’s usually a deadline that makes you buckle down and actually do it.

For me, that’s usually a convention rather than a Kickstarter deadline – I like to launch my latest books at conventions. I always recommend you consider carefully about what your deadline is if you’re making a project for crowdfunding – I’ve delivered 50 projects on time without any significant issues.

I happen to be in the middle of the final push for Era: Lost Legend as I write this, so I’m going to leave it there, but I am more than happy to answer any questions you have on this subject, just leave them in the comments!

– Ed

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