#RPGaDay2020 – Day 25: Lever

Hi everyone!

What technology should you include when worldbuilding? Is a lever acceptable in a High Fantasy setting? What’s the lowest level of technology you can have and still call it science fiction?

I’ve been asked this sort of question quite a few times on my various panels and I honestly believe that it’s not as straightforward as “this genre has these rules”. I’m a big believer in magic and technology being interchangeable in any setting, and Era: Dragonsong is, I hope, going to be a good example of that when we are able to show it to the world.

Do what works for your setting and your story. If you need the general population to have magic in a Sci-Fi setting, you should think about how that came to be, but never wonder about whether it is “okay to do it”.

Just like no-one ever really thinks too much about overly complex machines for the technology level in D&D!

– Ed

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