#RPGaDay2020 – Day 29: Ride

Hi everyone!

Tabletop RPGs are a way to do whatever you want within the world, and there’s one particular occasion that will always remind me of that.

Some years ago, I was running a training day for GMs, back when we had in-person conventions. We were practising to run 30-40 minute taster sessions, as we often did for that convention.

Some of the people who were going to be more “talky” than the GMs and help out with explaining the games were also there – to play the games for the first time, get to know the rest of the team and so on.

One of those decided that riding the Infected Deer, bronco-style, was a good idea. It might have been suicidal, it might have been risking Infection (the game was Era: Survival), but she wanted to do it, so she did!

In any other form of game, you just couldn’t have done that. A computer game would have stopped you, or let you glitch standing on top of it.

Tabletop RPGs are an incredible medium for storytelling, and I love them for it!

– Ed

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