#RPGaDay2020 – Day 7: Couple

Hi everyone!

“What are the top couple of pieces of advice you’d give to new RPG creators?”

I take that to mean I’m only allowed to give two, so hold on…

1. Believe in yourself

If you want to create something then sitting on the idea for ever will mean that it never happens. Put some time aside and start to work on it.

If you’ve previously playtested a game and want to learn how to publish, then find someone who can help you. I and others offer advice (I do so through ImagineRPG.com) on how to do it, and it can be a lifesaver to have advice.

But you can go it alone as well. If you’ve come up with an awesome idea, it deserves to see the light of day. Whatever you’re hesitating about, try to put that out of your mind – just do it!

2. Playtest more

You should never stop playtesting what you’ve made. Some of the most insightful things I’ve discovered about the Era d10 Rule Set have been since I “finished” it in Era: The Consortium.

As you grow in your experience running it, no matter how long you did before you published, you’ll realise there are things you want to change. I recommend saving them all up for a while, rather than releasing endless new versions.

That doesn’t mean don’t do it, though! Give it a little time and come publish a revised version – you’ll learn more from having a version of your game out in the world than you ever will redrafting it for ever.

Those are my top “couple” of tips for anyone wondering if they should create an RPG. I hope you found that useful, and feel free to reach out if you have any comments or questions!

– Ed

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