Spotlight on EraScapes – The Oracle

Right now, we have two big Kickstarters happening at the same time!

Era: The Empowered’s Core Rulebook and Blue-Shift’s first ever comic have both been doing amazing and with just above one week left to gather more support there’s a good chance that either of these projects might achieve another Stretch Goal. If Blue Shift breaks the $1200 Stretch Goal, then the entire comic will double in length! That would be a fantastic addition for everyone supporting this story. To read more about the Blue-Shift comic Kickstarter head over here:

If you’ve been following our Empowered Core Rulebook Kickstarter you may have noticed some exciting audio additions. Leo Cosh, the man behind “EraScapes”, has turned several Empowered stories into audio adventures for this Kickstarter event and he’s done a superb job. Leo is a talented voice actor who has been using his considerable skills to bring several of our games to life and It’s time you hear more about what he’s been up to!

Along with the audio stories you’ve seen on the Empowered Kickstarter, Leo has also created an audio drama called “Hardcastle’s Havoc”. This was his first major work with the Era games and it turned out fantastic! You can find a copy of this drama based in the Era: The Consortium universe on his Soundcloud page… If you haven’t already, you need to immerse yourself in this captivating 14 minutes of tense Consortium action!

Leo is just getting started with his audio work for Shades of Vengeance and you’re going to hear quite a lot more from him in the coming months. Currently he is working on an audio book (with Ed directing) for the entire story of the Consortium! This large-scale project is not the only thing he’s busy with as he is also working with both Ed and myself on a brand new Consortium audio drama series called “Radio Free Taranis”. Radio Free Taranis is the story of underground radio host Midnight Terry. You can read more about Terry and the details of this upcoming project here:

Like the expansion of our comics division, adding Leo and his audio talents to the work we’re doing at Shades of Vengeance further deepens the world-building of our Era games. We love creating all this extra content to help you dive into the universe. Whether it’s blasting off to fight in the Bug War with Era: The Consortium or learning to control your superpower of flight with Era: The Empowered, we want you to feel like you’re completely at home in these worlds. To that end, we’re excited to fuse Leo’s audio talents with our games and can’t wait for you to hear more of his work.

That’s all the latest news I have for you today. If you’d like to gather with other like-minded folks who want to know more about the Empowered you can join our Facebook group where Ed posts daily updates and behind-the-scenes details that are available nowhere else.

All this work on Era: The Empowered doesn’t mean we’ve forgotten about our other games and Saturday I get to share with you a few new things for the Consortium!

See you then!