Spotlight on Journey to Albiorix – The Oracle

Have you ever wondered what the exploration ship, the Orion, encountered during its 90 year mission? Oh sure, they brought back some amazing finds such as the Vilithii on Albiorix. But, what else happened during their quest to chart and record the mysteries beyond Consortium space?

In the Journey to Albiorix you will get to take part in the expedition of the Orion, a ship which left some time before the Bug War began and did not return until it was all over. Having been gone for over 3 generations of time there are plenty of unanswered questions that you will get to investigate.

This will be an adventure unlike any we’ve brought you so far as you get to delve into this system for 10 years! You will be able to research all the strange and wonderful things found in this new solar system. However, being cut off from your home world means that you’re going to have limited resources.

Getting this in-depth look at the journey of the Orion will help you uncover some of the secrets which were never revealed to the general populace upon the Orion’s return. If the mission discovered so many amazing things, why is it that no one has ever gone back? The 40 year long journey can’t be the only reason why they’ve decided not to return. Join the crew and dive into this secretive expedition.

The Orion is just one of so many interesting story lines in the Consortium and if you’re in London right now you’ve got an opportunity to try out some of them! Join us at MCM Comicon, we’ll be there all day answering questions and running sessions. There is no better time to try your hand at Era: The Consortium or to chat with our game creator, Ed Jowett. He loves talking about games and we can’t wait to meet you!

See you next week where I’ll talk a bit about other conventions coming up and give you another Consortium Spotlight!