The Consortium Dream Team – The Oracle

Ed is working to put together the absolute best group of writers for our Era: The Consortium expansions. Not only will you get stories from our original team but you’ll also be getting them from some well known people in the business. Today I get to introduce you to two of the new faces that you’ll be reading more from later on.

Sally Christensen is the famed editor of Conan, Firefly and Marvel Heroic. She was also a writer on Smallville and many other games. She comes to us with a great deal of experience on some very high end games and we’re happy to have her join the team.

Steffie de Vaan is also working on Conan as well as being a writer for both the Vampire and Seventh Sea games. Steffie is another well known writer in the RPG world and she brings with her a wealth of talent. I’m excited to see what she does in the world of the Consortium.

With each new writer we gain a new vision and a new well of creativity with which to grow this universe. The possibilities are endless. Welcome aboard, Sally and Steffie, to our cozy little spot in the world. We hope you’ll enjoy building the Consortium with us!

Just a reminder that a new session came out on Patreon this week, so you can join in the continuing campaign right here, as well as help us continue doing what we’re doing!

Next week I’ll get a chance to show off some artwork so be sure to check back with me!


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