Two Great Empowered Books – The Oracle

In case you haven’t checked your mailbox lately, you should know that the Empowered Player’s Guide was released and delivered to backers this week! This is a fantastic book with loads of great additions and has absolutely everything you will need to play the game. So, just what’s inside?

Ed and the team have written up summaries of all the playable time periods so you can jump in wherever best fits your crew. There is also a section detailing the full character creation rules to make sure that your character is 100% ready to play. And, ofcourse, what would a character be without all their gear! There is an ample portion of the book dedicated to all the various equipment and weapons you’re going to need. Capping it all off, each book also comes with the complete rule set so you’ll have everything you need to jump into a scenario and start playing. It’s a handy book and we think you’re going to find it incredibly useful. If you’re one of the folks who received this book send us a message and let us know what you think!

Are you’re feeling left out because you didn’t nab an Empowered Player’s Guide? Well, I have something special that you just might enjoy while waiting for another chance at the Players Guide. The Tales of the Empowered book has now arrived in our online store!

This anthology is a collection of over 50 stories set in the Empowered universe. We’ve included all-new tales and new characters that you’ve never seen before so even if you’re familiar with our regular heroes and villains you’ll find plenty of fresh faces. Some of these characters have even been created by our amazing fans, just like you, so definitely stop by to check it out!

You can choose from either the paperback or digital version. These links will help you get your own copy…

That’s all the news I have for today, come back on Saturday for an update on all things Consortium!