What’s Next?

Hi everyone!

I have a tradition, when coming to the end of a year, of talking about what we have done and what’s coming.

There are more games, more comics and more audio planned, everything you would expect, along with some things you might not. But the most important thing that’s coming is none of these…

We’ve struggled through 2020, as many small businesses have. We’ve done our best to make ends meet and continue production as sales fell through the floor and in-person conventions halted. Online conventions, unfortunately, do not favour smaller “stands” in any way, because the majority of people look at the shiny things and then leaves the site – we have made no convention-related sales this year, despite being present and running games at several online conventions.

I don’t have good news coming at the end of this, but I don’t have bad news either.

We’re struggling on, continuing to do our best and trying to put new things into the pipeline. We’re working on several comics, getting some audio dramas finished and a few games projects that have been waiting for a while finished and out of the door.

We’re only able to do this thanks to your help, so rather than talk about all the amazing things we have planned for next year, I wanted to say thank you.

We’re only able to continue creating because of people like you. And we love creating, we don’t want to stop. So please don’t forget to check out Patreon (https://www.patreon.com/SoV) if you have something spare, watch our for our Kickstarters next year and be ready to get some more of our games if you want us to continue making them. I know that a lot of people out there do.

– Ed

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