More Comics are coming our way! – The Oracle

We’ve already produced several successful comics for both our Era: The Consortium and Era: Empowered universes and we just can’t seem to stop! The comics division of Shades of Vengeance is working double time to increase production and throughout this upcoming year, Ed plans to significantly ramp up the number of comics we’re creating. He has loads planned and we really hope that you’ll join us along our journey!

Right now, Penumbra #2 Fear the Bunny Lord is still available on Kickstarter. If you haven’t dropped over to take a look I can tell you that there are some pretty cool rewards including; original artwork sketches, postcards with character art, and even a personal short story written by the author! You’ve got a few days left to check it out but don’t wait too long or you’ll miss your shot at collecting the next adventure in Penumbra’s ever-expanding series.

Before I leave I’m going to take a look back to some of the things we talked about and that you can expect to see in the upcoming year. I can’t believe it’s already time to start saying goodbye to 2017. I feel like we just got here!

Coming to you next year…

Era: The Chosen- A truly terrifying adventure which is going to let us stretch our ghoulish muscles a bit and really make you afraid of the dark.

Era: Atlantis- A tale as old as time but with our own Shades of Vengeance twists. We’re going to give this familiar myth a few new surprises that will add some magic and mystery into your life.

Era- The Empowered- This advanced superhero game has more depth and intrigue than a spy novel and more fast-paced action than a Tom Cruise movie. The heroes of the Empowered are just waiting to save the world… or at least that’s what they tell me.

That’s all I have for you today. Come back on Saturday for another sourcebook where I get to talk about my favorite Consortium race, the Vilithii!

See you next time!