Consortium Expansion Spotlight: Vilithii Sourcebook – The Oracle

We’re getting down to the end of our Consortium Expansion Kickstarter event with only days left! There’s still time to join us and take advantage of all the amazing books we’re releasing such as; Time Travel Campaign book 4, Free Trader, New Worlds, and Predictive Genetic Algorithm. We’re even so close to another Stretch Goal that we may just have unlocked Home Base by the time you read this! Either way, we’ve got a lot of rewards to choose from and quite a few books to keep you busy in the new year.

Today’s Expansion Spotlight is on the Vilithii, a mysterious race whose appearance in the Consortium came with more questions than answers.

During the Orion’s mission to explore uncharted space three strange biological pods were obtained from Albiorix. No one seemed to have paid them much attention until these samples unexpectedly left their containment. For many years it was thought that one or more scientists may have stolen away with the pods… no one considered that the pods themselves may have up and escaped on their own.

This sourcebook will delve into the period of time after the pods escaped and address how exactly they were able to achieve sentience and become the Vilithii we know today. Of course, only one of the pods became the Vilithii. What happened to the other two samples?

Not only will this book fill in some important gaps in the history of this race, it will also pull back the mystery of Vilithii society and show you what it was really like to live as these amazing beings. This book will feature new equipment and Specialties for the Vilthii, allowing you to expand your characters and your gameplay!

There are so many reasons to love these Expansion books that I can’t pick just one. It’s been a great event and we’re thrilled to have so many folks help support these expansions. If you’re still considering whether or not to get in on these books, time is definitely running out so I suggest you stop by today and check out all the great titles we have to offer!

I’ll be back next week with more news!