What are we delivering this year? Part 2: SoVComics (Comics)

Hi everyone! Today, we’re continuing our series of posts about what’s coming for the rest of this year. Today, I’m talking about each exciting comic that is on its way from SoVComics!

We’ve had a great year already, with Kickstarter funding New Year, New Stories 2022 and Melqart. There’s a lot more to come, though…

I’m finally ready to announce all remaining comic titles that will be part of what we have dubbed “Phase One”!

Comics in Phase 1 so far…

Empowered Vol 1 Comic Cover Page

You might be trying to remember all of the comics we have delivered so far, so I thought I’d help!

You can catch up on all of the issues to date here: https://www.shadesofvengeance.com/product/empowered-comics-cascade-digital-bundle/

And here’s the full list:

  • Lacuna: Revelation
  • Blue-Shift: Frenemies
  • Violete: Unstoppable

Of course, these three were combined into the Empowered Volume 1 Trade Paperback!

  • Blue-Shift #2: Mindgames
  • Violete #2: Backlash
  • Penumbra: Tide

These three were combined into the Empowered Volume 2 Trade Paperback

  • Fauna: Community
  • Lobo: Dauntless
  • Melqart: Unity
  • Penumbra Adventures #1 (originally published as Penumbra #1)
  • Penumbra Adventures #2 (originally published as Penumbra #2: Rise of the Bunny Lord)
  • Kazuki and the Deathseekers
  • Cascade, Part 1
    Penumbra, Lacuna, Violete and Blue-Shift team up to fight a giant robot in the first of a 3-part series!

And now, onto the new…

Previously Announced Comics: Cascade Parts 2 and 3

Cascade Part 1 Comic Cover Page
The first Empowered team-up faces down Cascade, a robot with seemingly unlimited powers…

We have already announced that Cascade is a 3-part series!

We have completed the Part 2 script, and are writing Part 3. We’re giving our hard-working artist Rahmad Wisnubroto a break for a short while (keep reading to find out why!).

We hope to deliver you Part 2 by the end of the year, assuming schedules allow! We have no wish to work with any other artist, as Rahmad has defined our Empowered Comics from the start.

Cascade is going to be the crowning glory of Phase 1, but it’s far from the only thing we’re working on!

Drift: Heroism (Upcoming Comic)

Drift Heroism Comic Cover Page
Drift takes off to fly over her city with her power of density adjustment! Her comic is coming soon.

“Captain Speed”, her city’s favourite hero, makes everything worse! He continually tells her that she should give up – it’s much too dangerous, being a hero.

But the call of heroism is strong for Jessica. Will she choose to give up, or keep trying, despite repeated humiliations? And what’s really behind Captain Speed’s attitude?

The opening of this comic appeared in ‘New Year, New Stories’, but the full comic will be on Kickstarter soon!

Vigilance: Escape (Upcoming Comic)

Vigilance Escape Comic Cover Page
Claudette’s journey to become Vigilance is not as easy, or voluntary as you might imagine…
Find out more in this comic!

Ever since she guest-starred in Penumbra: Tide, we’ve been asked more about Vigilance. This comic is set before her first known appearance, and explores not how she got her powers (I’m well-known for disliking origin stories!), but how she donned the green outfit and learned to fight, given her background.

Claudette begins her adventure by heading out into a remote area. She hopes to avoid using her powers by accident – knowing everything about everyone is not a lot of fun.

However, when she meets a familiar face, she is profoundly affected…

Lobo 2: Suppression (Upcoming Comic)

Lobo 2 Suppression Comic Cover Page
Lobo is back, and he’s not alone. In this comic, he has allies to help take his fight to the Empress…

That’s right, he’s back! Everyone’s favourite non-Empowered intends to tangle with the Empress of Bones once again.

However, he’s learned his lesson in direct combat, so he goes out to find help. He doesn’t want to team up with someone famous, known to the Empress – he wants the advantage of surprise. As a result, that help takes the form of Savannah, a talented fighter and relatively unknown Empowered.

The Empress of Bones has not been sitting idle during Lobo’s search for help, however. After outfitting her people with a new weapon, based on her own powers, she plans to take over the other cartels and rule the city.

Lobo has to contend with not just her plans, but Savannah’s mysterious secret…

Penumbra Adventures #3 (Upcoming Comic)

Penumbra Adventures 2 Final Page
Penumbra was in a fix at the end of #2…

We left Penumbra in a precarious position at the end of her second “Adventures” comic. John and I felt strongly that we wanted to finish that story, as well as introduce some more characters.

We’ve written the script and I’m looking for the right artist to finish off this short series. That means you can expect it to come out soon!

Fauna #2: Rampage (Upcoming Comic)

Fauna 2 Rampage Comic Cover Page
Quinn / Fauna returns in another comic, following his previous adventure.

Fauna’s in a bit of a fix in his latest comic. His sister remembers everything since Jan released her from the mind control, so she now knows his secret.

That’s not going to stop him helping his community, of course. But stories of a man-sized lizard attacking people in the city has everyone concerned, even Fauna himself.

Could he be sleep-changing and giving in to his feral instincts?

And, if he is, what will Jasmine do about it?

Empowered Comics Phase Two

Of course, that’s not all we have planned. Once the above comics are all complete, we’ll be pushing on into Phase Two.

Things are going to change for many of the characters. We’ll see the return of Violete for a three-issue arc, Blue-Shift for two adventures, and Lobo and Fauna will be back of course.

Penumbra won’t be far away, and we’ll have a few new characters joining as well, including Bastion and Wallflower, who will be known to fans of the Era: The Empowered RPG.

We’re very excited for what’s coming, so keep an eye out for some amazing stories!

I’ll be back next week with information about our upcoming RPG releases, so watch this space and I’ll see you then!

– Ed

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