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Have you been keeping up with the Era: Silence Facebook posts? Ed has been diligently posting each and every day with images and information about our newest game. Remember, that is the place to go if you have any and all questions. Then, when you’re done taking a browse through everything we’ve got to show you on facebook go ahead and stop by the Kickstarter page and listen to a soundscape designed by Leo Cosh. It’s been specially created to put you in the mood and the mindset for this unique experience. Thank you to everyone who has supported or shared this game, it’s coming along great and we can’t wait for you to see the final product!

So, I have loads of new for you today and I might as well jump right in. Ed has been working with a group of volunteers to bring Era: The Consortium and Era: Lyres to American players! Ed says that he’s been teaching them all the ropes of the games and so far they’ve performed quite admirably. I’m incredibly stoked to see more people getting into these games and thrilled to hear that they’re coming ever closer to my own neighborhood. Hopefully soon we will get to add Era: The Empowered to that list of games.

Ed and John have been discussing some exciting details about the Era: The Empowered Universe and development of the full rulebook alongside that of our growing collection of companion comic stories will kick off again soon. I’m eager to get back into the universe and see where things are heading. I don’t have firm dates for you yet but you’ll know just as soon as I get the word.

That just about wraps up our news for today. Keep checking back on our website to see the new design coming together soon. Ed tells me that the technical troubles are over and he was able to recover everything so we’re that much farther ahead.

See you next time!

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