Era: Silence Kickstarter Progress – The Oracle

Thanks to everyone who’s joined us in supporting this new game, the Era: Silence Kickstarter is moving along fantastically! We’ve enjoyed all the help that you’ve given us and we really look forward to bringing you a unique game with a revolutionary idea. Make sure you’re stopping by our Facebook page to pick up daily updates where Ed talks about his inspiration around the Challenges and the images that make up Silence.

By now you’re all aware that Silence is a game with a twist. There is no in-character talking during the game. Communication is given through body language and gestures alone. But does that mean Era: Silence should be played silently? Of course not! To better get you in the mood of the game, our fabulous sound designer, Leo Cosh has created a series of soundscapes for you to play while running through swamps, fighting for your life and completing challenges. Each one will be a singular experience that will take you through an immersive world. Ed has given us a chance to listen to one and I think you’re going to find it really incredible. What more could get you in the spirit of the world than to listen to the sounds as you play along. Enjoy!

See you next week for more updates and news!

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