Writer Steffie de Vaan to join Era: The Consortium writing team! – The Oracle

Ed has signed an agreement with Steffie de Vaan to work with him on a Resistance focused source book. Steffie is well known for her work on Vampire: The Masquerade and we’re thrilled to have her joining us. Right now she and Ed are working out the concepts and so far they tell me it looks pretty amazing. Can’t wait to get a glimpse.

More great things are on their way. The Fifth Race expansion is bringing in new art all the time and Ed hopes to get us a new image for next week’s news. Along with this abundance of art, Ed is also going to commission some map work. As part of the space horror expansion, Era: The Consortium – Revival, the inside of a mining vessel will be brought to life through a detailed map. Having a map like this available to you will your team really plan out their moves and think within the environment of the game.

Asteroid Room

Ed has given me an image for you today so we can all get a glimpse. This is just one more way we’re helping to make our games more immersive. If you have suggestions on other things you’d like to see, please send us a message.

I’ll have more news and hopefully a new image for you next week!

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