Consortium Expansion Spotlight: Home Base – The Oracle

We are in full production mode here at Shades of Vengeance with so many expansions being worked I can hardly keep track of them all! Each of our previous Spotlights have shown you a new Consortium Expansion book in our upcoming collection. Have you decided on a favorite yet? Maybe today’s book will be the one.

Era: The Consortium – Home Base will allow players to build their own base of operations. You’ve got plenty of options but each come with their own benefits and limitations. Depending on whether you’re making your base on a planet, space station, or starship it will have a different size and come with different requirements. There will also be a wide range of facilities that you can build within your base to boost your team’s effectiveness!

Now that you’ve got your home base built you’ll need to defend it. All new sessions will pit your base against attacks from pirates, the Consortium forces, or the Resistance! You’ll get a chance to try out all the new features you’ve installed and see how well they come together.

If you’re a fan of strategy games and tower defense style of play then I think you’ll really enjoy this expansion. Your chance to get this expansion and all the others that I’ve been introducing you to over the past several weeks will be coming out in October so mark your calendars and join us back here for the big event!

I’ll catch you next week with more news and updates!