#RPGaDay Challenge – Day Thirty-One

Hi everyone!

It’s the final day of #RPGaDay! I’d like to thank everyone who’s followed these posts. I hope they have been informative and a little bit of fun!

I’d like to thank the folks over at https://castingshadowsblog.com for their alternate questions as well as for the list in the first place.

#RPGaDay 31: What do you anticipate most for gaming in 2018?

Wow. I don’t even know where to start on this! I have a lot of new releases planned…

Era: The Consortium is going to have a Kickstarter towards the end of this year, where we’ll be aiming to unlock some additional expansions beyond the 8 we already created. I’m very much looking forward to that and I think it’s reasonable to assume that at least some of the books will land during the first part of next year!

Era: The Empowered,. the superhero game which I started some time ago now, is finally getting its Core Rulebook, with the story about 50% written and a Kickstarter planned for next year. It’s going to offer numerous different types of setting, such as the “discovering your powers” sessions, the “villain of the week” setup, the “Avengers/Justice League team-up” variety and the “Earth is under attack from a massive interstellar force”. Combined with some Atlantis action and much more, this unique-but-familiar superhero universe is going to offer some fantastic new opportunities for gameplay.

Right now, Empowered is fighting for position based on artwork and writing with Era: The Chosen, our horror setting. I’ve mentioned it a few times during this month, and I couldn’t exaggerate how excited I am for it to land! It’s been an amazing project to work on with Darren Pearce, Jennifer Martin, J A Cummings and Mikhail Greuli and the Core Rulebook is actually not too far off ready!

Our first license, the “Battlecruiser Alamo” game will be also be available on Kickstarter in April. Working with Richard Tongue has been brilliant, and we’re aiming to have the game ready for UKGE 2018! We’ve been talking a lot recently about how to correctly capture the feel of the universe and I’m working on the stats while he writes the story content for the game himself – what more could you want than the creator of a universe writing all about it?

I have a lot more planned, but these are the immediate highlights! I’d like to thank everyone for joining us on this journey as we continue. We couldn’t do what we do without your support!

– Ed