Consortium Kickstarter Rewards are Accumulating! – The Oracle

Last time we met, I talked with you about the Lacuna and Penumbra comic rewards. Today, I get the pleasure of announcing that Digital Rewards for The Fifth Race, A New Dawn, and Rapier have all arrived with backers, only two weeks after the end of the Kickstarter. That’s a pretty fast turn around!

Congratulations to everyone who’s received their reward so far and thank you so much for you confidence in us and our games. I’ve said it many times but we truly would not be here without your support.

So, where are we at with all the other rewards? Time Travel Part 1 is currently with the proofreaders and we’re hoping to hear back very soon about that one. Time Travel Parts 2 and 3, Revival, the extras for Secret War, as well as the extras for the Definitive Edition Rulebook are all being finished off as I write this. This is a ton of content but we’re all working hard to keep up the pace. Ed is encouraged by our progress and we’re hoping to finish all of them before the end of the year. This means we’re working ahead of the deadline, which is fabulous!

In honor of all that great news, Ed is releasing an image for you today.

This is Abnoab immediately after colonisation. It wasn’t originally intended to be a market, that happened some years later. Originally, it was intended as a luxury world for one part and a manufacturing center for the rest. This was all meant to take the stress off Taranis. You can read more about Abnoab and everything that happens there in our rulebook.

The team is having a great time with these expansions and there is so much more to come in the world of the Consortium so keep checking back to follow along!

See you next week!