White Cross

Founding and Background

The White Cross is the creator and supplier of Injection for the entire Human population of Gaia. The
organisation supplies huge volumes for free, working to keep Humanity alive for another day. It also provides
medical assistance in the form of volunteers who visit towns and villages, administering aid to anyone who
needs it. The White Cross attempts to provide Humanity with a hope to survive, despite the Infected.

The legend says that, 80 years ago (20 years after the Cataclysm), there was a large group of scientists who
arrived in the heart of Artegor, a large island which was entirely a Hi-Zone, to prove that the cure they had
developed to fight the Infection would work. They soon found out that it wasn’t a cure but with enough of it
taken regularly, Parasites could be prevented from taking hold. The group left the island with 5 members from
the original 40.

One of those was shot through the head on the second day, his neck already coated in a bone-like plate, and
his arm the size of his body – the rest had been unable to remove the Parasite from his body using their drug. It
was then up to the remaining four to distribute the drug, which became known as Injection throughout Gaia.
Tragically, all four died within that week, though the one woman who managed to crawl into the limits of
Riverbed was discovered shortly after. Upon examining the body, one resident noticed that the formula of what
we now call the Injection was tattooed on her back, along with a white cross mark.

A group in that town took it upon themselves to help mankind by distributing this amazing drug. They adopted
the tattoo and moved from Riverbed to what would eventually become the White Cross Dispatch Centre,
and began offering their services to any settlement they could find. Since then, others have been able to
manufacture the Injection but the White Cross remains its largest producer, offering it or the method of making
it freely to all who need it.


The White Cross is divided into departments which serve the various areas of Gaia, along with a training unit
and a subdivision responsible for maintaining the technology they use – mostly their ground vehicles and
Helicopters. Each department has a head, which controls the operations of their own section. Any decisions
which affect multiple departments are made by the department heads after a detailed discussion and debate.

Living Conditions

The White Cross Dispatch Centre offers spartan living conditions, although these are still better than most
found on Gaia. For travelling White Cross Medics, however, the best accommodation in town is often provided
free of charge as thanks for their services. Every member of the White Cross carries the formula for the
Injection tattooed on their back, in deference to their founders and to help Humanity survive if they should be


A lot of people are needed to keep the White Cross’s operation running and, as a result, the training department
is one of the biggest in the faction. They take on new personnel whenever they need them, but they don’t pay
in Brass, they pay in accommodation and food, so there are limits to how many personnel can be housed at the
Dispatch Centre.

As a result, there are many people who are waiting to be accepted and, in more recent years, the White Cross
has begun giving preference to people with existing useful skills.


The White Cross has a good relationship with everyone, as the group provides Injection to anyone who lives
within the organisation’s sphere of influence. Injection is freely available and the Raiders need it as much
as anyone else, so even they don’t attack the White Cross. The White Cross has a single-minded focus on
keeping as many individuals alive as possible, for which most people are grateful, though some factions,
such as the University of Planet, view its activity and attitude as a waste of time. In recent years, the Cult of
Progression has begun to make public threats against the lasting opposition to the Infection of all Humanity,
although no action has yet been taken.