Era: The Consortium – Free Trader – Released Today!

Hi everyone!

I’m pleased to announce that the first of the Wave 2 Expansions for Era: The Consortium is now available on our Store!

Free Trader was inspired by an old Sci-Fi TV series from the UK. In it, one of the main characters was initially introduced as a smuggler. She quickly corrected the individual in question that she was a “Free Trader”. Despite seeing that for the first time over 15 years ago (to anyone who knows it: I’m a little younger than that particular story!), it stuck with me.

Free Trader was actually one of the very first expansions to be identified, as well as an easy one to name: I always knew I wanted to include tables for various types of cargo at each of the trading points in the Consortium.

It’s a fantastic edition for Era: The Consortium, and was even a candidate for the UKGE Awards this year, so I strongly recommend you check it out if you’re not a Kickstarter Backer!

You can get the Paperback here:
And the Digital Version is here:

I’ll be back next week with another awesome release, so don’t miss out!

– Ed