Era: The Chosen tabletop rpg game

Games Update!

Hi everyone!

Ed here, to give you another of our regular updates on games that are in production but not yet delivered!

Battlecruiser Alamo RPG was committed for December and is going well but, due to the Christmas postage rush, we suspect we may not get it out by the end of the year. Instead, it should arrive with backers early in 2019! We’ve informed the backers of this already and have had only the strongest support expressed: we want to produce the best book we can and represent the amazing universe created by Richard Tongue in the highest possible fidelity, so we appreciate your patience!

Era: The Chosen is fully illustrated and is awaiting layout, then editing. As the deadline is next May, we are in no doubt that this is perfectly achievable at this stage! We’re prioritising the completion of Battlecruiser Alamo at this point, as Era: The Chosen is not far behind.

Era: Survival – Colony has been completed and the decks are on order now. We expect to be sending them out within the next week or two if all goes to schedule, so keep your eyes on your post.

All other games and comics funded this year have been completed and delivered, so that’s everything from me for today!

If you have any questions about a particular game, please reach out to us on Facebook or Discord (!

– Ed