New Artwork For The Definitive Edition – The Oracle

Happy weekend to all of you! I only have a few pieces of news to share with you today but Ed has also given me the green light to show off some artwork which always makes it a good day, so here we go.

Time Travel Campaign Parts 2 and 3 are both clearing through some final stages. “TT2”, as Ed calls it, is undergoing the changes from proofreading now and we expect that it should be with you very soon. Get ready because this one is right around the corner!

“TT3” is finishing up with the proofreaders at the moment, so it’s going to be following along close behind.

Overall, things are going great and we are pleased with the progress we’ve made so far. That being said, I did get confirmation from Ed that Revival will be a coming in a little later. We’re looking for the pre-edit draft to be completed around the end of this month. Not to worry though, this doesn’t hold anything else back. All of the other rewards should be going out right on schedule! That’s not bad for having so many different expansions in development at the same time, with Revival a late unlock as well…

Next week, I’m going to delve a little further into what exactly the Definitive Edition is all about, why it’s important and what it includes. So, that’s it for the news this week. I’ll leave you with a piece of art. This is Kurma city during a time of celebration, the 50th Anniversary of the Consortium. Things aren’t always so peaceful in one of the biggest cities of the Consortium but it looks like the citizens here are happy to enjoy a special holiday.

Kurma city lowres

See you next time!