Blue-Shift: Frenemies – Audio Drama


Running Time: 23 minutes

Beth Sanders leads a double life like your classic superhero, but being the fastest person on the planet should make getting everything done easier, right?


When the lives of her secret identity and heroic persona collide, Blue-Shift learns there are some problems you can’t run away from, no matter how fast you are.

  • It’s a full-cast audio short, voiced by professional voice actors.
  • The running time is approximately 22 minutes.
  •  Blue-Shift: Frenemies is adapted from a comic of the same name, which was written by director Ed Jowett and veteran comics writer Johnathan Lewis.
  • This is a standalone superhero story which is the second in a loosely-connected series.
  • It will be delivered in .mp3 format.


Will I Like Blue-Shift: Frenemies?

If you enjoy The CW’s The FlashX-Men: The Animated Series Or Marvel’s Avengers Assemble, You’ll love Blue-Shift: Frenemies!


The Cast

Molly Corbett As Blue-Shift / Beth Sanders

Rowan Douglas as Shira

James Leach as Daniel

Josip Simic as The Necromancer

Adam Dergiman as Rajesh the Newscaster

Leo Cosh as Cosh

Additional Voices by Molly Corbett, Leo Cosh, Adam Dergiman, Ed Jowett, James Leach, Joe Ludwig and Josip Simic


The Crew

Ed Jowett – Director

Zulian Joubert – Audio Capture

James Bryan – Audio Production, Additional Music

Leo Cosh – Assistant Director

Sara Lynam, Connor Meddings, Ed Jowett – Foley Artists

Ed Jowett & Jonathan Lewis – Original Story

Ed Jowett – Adaptation for Audio

Devel Sullivan – Composer (Blue-Shift’s Theme)

Keith Draws & Ed Jowett – Script Book Layout

Klaudia Pyc – Script Book Formatting