Era: The Consortium – A New Dawn


Page Count: 28

A New Dawn is an expansion for the Era: The Consortium Sci-fi tabletop RPG, introducing psionic powers to character creation. Prepare to control the free will of your enemies, inflict hallucinations mid-battle, and even read people’s minds with a glance. In the world of Era: The Consortium, psionics are a feared yet highly prized living resource, but wielding these abilities doesn’t come without its own dangers…

Pushing your mind to its very limit takes its toll on the psionic individual. Overusing your powers will accumulate exhaustion points, which eventually compound into madness. High amounts of madness inflicted on your character can result in hysteria and hallucinations, leading to blackouts where the character may act irrationally and be temporarily controlled by the DM. Playing a psionic character involves carefully balancing your powers with your own sense of self, or gambling it all and risking your very mind for an edge in a deadly confrontation.

In this Era: The Consortium TTRPG expansion you will find:

  • New options for character creation, as well as suggestions for backgrounds, quirks, and other traits that relate to living with psionic powers
  • A range of psionic powers to prepare your character for adventure
  • Short stories establishing psionic characters in the Era: The Consortium universe
  • Rules for using Psionic Abilities; including Exhaustion, Madness and how to defend yourself against Psionic attacks from your enemies
  • Examples of the rules in action for maximum clarity
  • GM advice for including psionic characters in your games

This book requires the Era: The Consortium core rules in order to play. With a whole universe of expansions and pre-written campaigns available, there’s plenty of other content to use alongside A New Dawn should you want to expand your horizons within the world of Era: The Consortium.



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