#RPGaDAY2018 Day 29!

Hi everyone!

Share a friendship you have because of RPGs.

There are a massive number of people I could mention here. Darren Pearce, who’s sat shoulder-to-shoulder with me on more panels than I can easily remember now; Simon Burley, whose dedication is long-term and completely open to new ideas at every turn; Angus Abranson, who is fantastic to work with; Keith Draws, who has supported every one of my creations in one way or another…

But I’m going to talk about a writer who heard an idea of mine and was inspired.

Johnathan Lewis is now the Head of Comics for Shades of Vengeance, but he started as another writer who applied to work with me on the first Era: The Consortium rulebook. We got on immediately, and ended up going to a convention in Canada.

That’s where we suddenly understood that there was more to this than just making a single Tabletop RPG and trying to sell it – this was about inspiring people to understand that anyone can be creative.

Since then, he’s taken time out to fly over to the UK every year, we’ve worked together closely on some of the best projects Shades of Vengeance has ever produced (I’m looking at you, Revival!), and we’ve built a series of comics around the roleplaying universes.

I’m pleased and proud to call Johnathan my friend, and it’s all thanks to Tabletop RPGs and the desire to create that we both share.

– Ed