#RPGaDAY2018 Day 30!

Hi everyone!

Share something you learned about playing your character.

Hmmm… That’s tricky, because I play so seldom.

However, I have learned a lot from one of our players:

Gruff does not have to mean anti-party. Different morals (whether Evil or not) does not have to mean¬†homicidal. Sarcastic doesn’t have to mean immersion-breaking.

I won’t embarrass this individual by saying their name, but I’m grateful to them for showing me what can be done.

This is a skill I don’t share – I’m not the best player out there, because everything takes practice and I am nearly always stuck behind the rulebook as the GM. I wish I could have more practice at playing, but that does not seem likely for a good long time yet – There are more games to create, and not many other people to run them!

– Ed