Schedule Of Appearances At MCM London – The Oracle

Well folks, we’re gathering ourselves together for another amazing MCM experience. In just over three short weeks time we’ll be answering questions, meeting fans, and running sessions of our most popular games. We will be inside N4 with all our Era games and N1 with our collection of comics for the entire 3 day event. It’s going to be spectacular!

The team is ready to go and we’re looking forward to seeing every one of you. Not that you don’t already have a million great reasons to come visit us, but I heard that Ed is hoping to have a sneak peek of some upcoming projects for those who stop by so you’ll definitely want to spare some time in your day for us.

This year, Ed and John are going to be running two panels. So, you’ll have another chance to catch our team in action! Whether you’re interested in knowing more about World Building, want some advice on how to get creative and stay there, or maybe you just want to hear Ed and John talk for 45 minutes I encourage you to come by and see what they have to say.

[Here’s an article b the folks over at MCM which gives some other details! – Ed]

Friday on the Comic Village Stage 12:15pm-13:00pm

Shades of Vengeance Presents – World Building: A How-To Guide – Ed Jowett and Johnathan Lewis of Shades of Vengeance discuss the definition of creative universes – building a world within the creators chosen themes and how to create something that others will enjoy, whether it’s a game, comic or novel.

Saturday on the Creator Stage 17:45pm-18:30pm

Shades of Vengeance Presents-How to Be Creative – Shades of Vengeance Ed Jowett and Johnathan Lewis discuss how they begin creative projects, cope with writer’s block and address the common pitfalls in large creative projects. If you’re a budding creative then this is the panel for you.

I hope you’ve bought your tickets and made your plans to come see us May 25th to May 27th because we can’t wait to show you what we’ve been creating!

I’ll catch you back here on Saturday for more Consortium news!