#GameMasterMonday – Doug | Shades of Vengeance

Hey everyone! Welcome to #GameMasterMonday here at #ShadesofVengeance!

This week we’re spotlighting our GM, Doug (aka ShadowsOverScotland!). Doug is a 40-year-old GM from Glasgow and he’s been playing SOV for about 3 years now. He’s an avid fan of Forbidden and has been running a lockdown game of the game for the past few months.

He also attends conventions when he can and is always excited to meet new players and learn about their experiences with the game. Doug is one of our most dedicated and enthusiastic members.

He’s been playing SOV games for just over a year, but he’s already made a huge impact on our community. Doug first joined us at Contingency in 2019, where he quickly became hooked on Era: Empowered. Since then, he’s been an active member of our Discord server, running a weekly game of Era: Forbidden.

Doug is a great GM and a true asset to our community. We’re lucky to have him as a member, and we hope you’ll join us in welcoming him to the SOV family! It’s FREE to play on our Discord – https://discord.gg/Rqa8hdfqMx

For Doug, the community is what makes it and sets it apart from other TTRPG games. The friendly, welcoming, community and the presence at conventions really helped. Along with the community, Doug also thinks that the straightforward system of Era really helped make it. He says “you can do what you want with them to do and have a solid level of integration into the theme of each setting” because you have the freedom to get your character to do what you want, spread points around and have a variety of different powers. Come meet Doug and our other awesome GMS today on our Discord server!

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