Spotlight on Consortium Comics! – The Oracle

Last week I gave you all a brief rundown of what we’ve done so far with our Empowered comics. Today I have a chance to do the same for our Era: The Consortium comics series. The Consortium was the first title in the Era line of games and it’s only right that it was also the place we started when we began to make our first forays into the world of comic book creation. Some of you might remember our earliest books but even if you’re entirely new this should be a fun way to reminisce and get a glimpse of things yet to come. So, let’s start with our very first comic…

The Last Stand of Stiletto Unit is the epic story of how 8 people changed the Consortium. If you’ve sat with us at a convention and played a Consortium session you’ll likely recognize this story and its cast of memorable heroes. We even have a collection of miniature Stiletto Unit figures coming soon!

The next comic that we created was Counting Down From One. In this story a group of time travellers attempt to stop the powers that control the Consortium from taking complete control. If the idea of time travel sounds like something you’re interested in you should definitely check out our Patreon campaign for more timeline shifting action.

We also have a series of comics that follow the events of the Bug War. In Bug War #1, Hai_Xang Hayden, who is a well-known party girl, is put into the highest position in the Consortium when her mother dies at alien hands. This story centers on her overcoming challenges in the hopes she can convince people to fight the war she knows is coming. In Bug War #2, a Shade named Liam is sent by Hai-Xang Hayden to find out more about the Ximians. This is an action packed sequel that will decide Liam’s fate and determine if he will escape with both the information and his life! We also have Bug War #3 coming soon. This story will follow a starship, a hopeless battle, and the order to retreat. Two men with opposing views will have a choice to make whether to follow the order, or save the Consortium. Plenty of drama and action in this series to keep you up late at night!

Another comic on its way through development is DISARMed, created by Johnathan Lewis, our Head of Comics. This story is about a group of mech pilots who have a disagreement… with disastrous consequences!

Ed and Johnathan have plenty more ideas to fill out the Consortium universe so keep a close eye out and you’ll see quite a few more Consortium comics coming your way!

That’s all I have for you today, come back on Saturday for a look at the upcoming titles Ed is considering for the Consortium. You’ll even have a chance to give us some feedback on where we should go next!

See you then!