Survival Kickstarter Coming Soon! – The Oracle

There is so much happening right now at Shades of Vengeance that I have trouble keeping track of it all. Thankfully, Ed always keeps me up to speed on everything going on. This week he has loads of news for us and I’m going to start with the upcoming Era: Survival expansion Kickstarter!

By this time next week we expect the “Era: Survival- Expansions into the Unknown” Kickstarter to be entirely up and running! You only have one more week to prepare yourself for this in-depth gaming experience. We plan to dig deep and bring forth just as much world building and universe expanding information as possible.

Ed will be running daily posts during the event where he will talk about each of the 26 books we have planned. You heard me. Twenty six books! In order to achieve some of these goals we’re going to need your help in passing along this event to everyone you know who might be interested. I would love to see Survival explode with a whole crate full of new content!

Ed has Alex working hard on the Kickstarter graphic design and it’s looking fantastic. He’s done a great job at pulling together all the best elements of Survival for this design. I’ve been given a piece of artwork to share with you today from something that Alex has done. I think you’ll agree, it looks great.



Ed has also worked up some fabulous rewards and among the other amazing things we’re going to offer, you’ll find:

  • a £1 Rulebook Primer tier
  • £10 for all of the expansions
  • A Definitive Edition of the Rulebook

It’s going to be a great event and I hope you’ll enjoy everything we’ve put together. If you want to find out more about Era: Survival’s factions and game settings you can check out our backstory page: [ ] Take some time to get familiar with the game universe, it’s filled with some pretty intense characters and elements.

In other news, the Champion of Earth packs are now printed and on their way to Ed for distribution. He’ll be sending them out just as fast as he possibly can so you should be getting them very soon. Thank you to all our backers! Please send us a message and let us know what you like once you’ve had a chance to play it. We had a ton of fun creating this quirky card game.

Do you have your travel plans ready to come see us at MCM Comicon and UKGE? These are two of our biggest events this year. We will be at #722 at MCM and #F16 at UKGE. This will be your first chance to give our Era: Hitman and Champion of Earth games a test drive so be sure to drop by and check us out. We love talking to fans!

That’s it for me. I’ll see you Saturday for Consortium news. Have a fantastic weekend and let’s meet back here next week for the opening of the Era: Survival Kickstarter!