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It’s finally here and my excitement-o-meter is pinging off the charts! Ed is all packed. Our GM’s are on standby. The rulebooks, comics, and posters are stowed and ready to go!

Friday is the first day of MCM Comicon and there’s still plenty of tickets left for this one of a kind event. I completely understand if you’ve left this for the last minute because I myself am a horrible procrastinator. But there’s no time left! Grab seven of your best friends and get yourselves down to MCM Comicon!

You don’t want to miss out on all the great things happening. We will have copies of Amazing Space Adventures, Order of the Link, Era: The Consortium and Era: Lyres. We’ll have comics, rulebooks, primers and posters for sale. And the games? Oh, we’ll be playing some games!

You’ll have a chance to run through the Consortium’s Last Stand of Stiletto Unit scenario as well as a brand new scenario taken from our latest comic; Counting Down From One. You can come down and get some roll time with our GM’s on these scenarios as well as a totally new game. We’re going to launch our newest Era title shortly after MCM but those of you who attend the Comicon will get a sneak peak!

Don’t forget that we actively encourage folks who are interested in creating their own games to come and chat with us. We’re going to have our marketing guru, one of our game developers as well as our lead creator and head honcho, Ed Jowett, available for questions. Ed loves talking game development and I know he’d be eager to chat with you about your ideas.

There are still tickets available for Friday and Sunday, but it’s getting limited so you’d better hustle! Ed will post photos of the table setup on Friday’s news so be sure to check in and see how things are coming along. If you happen to snap a photo while you’re visiting with us, please tag us so we can share back with you. We’re also going to keep Twitter and Facebook current with any and all photos, info and details for those of us who can only live vicariously.

Which reminds me, don’t forget that for you folks in the Americas you should be heading to Anime North. Adam will be there from Dice and Stuff, where he will be running games and have rulebooks, primers and comics for sale. There is a limited number so first one to get there will have their pick so get there early!

That’s it for me. Next week I’ll try to get you all the nitty gritty from the event.

See you next time!

– A

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