#RPGaDay Challenge – Day Twenty-Four

Hi everyone! Although neither of the main games I'm about to link to you actually answer this question. However, when I first encountered them, they absolutely did! #RPGaDay 24: Share a PWYW Publisher who should be charging more. When I first met Sanchit Sharma and John Serembe, they both had some great ideas for games and were allowing everyone to have their drafts at PWYW. I spent the time with them to get their games up to production standard and I'm pleased to say that now both Order of the Link and Marked For Death are available on DriveThruRPG for more than PWYW. They were... more

Coming to MCM and Comic Kickstarter – The Oracle

Ed is pulling out all the stops for this year’s MCM Comicon in London! He’s going to bring along all of our games and give you the opportunity to try out sessions of your favorites. He is also planning to give away some free stuff during the event so be sure you stop by early before it’s all gone! The team is always ready to answer your questions or take you along for a test run of one of our fabulous games so don’t be shy and come say hello. For anyone who didn’t get a chance to join in on our last kickstarter you’ll be happy to hear that MCM is the public launch of Era:... more

It’s Convention Time! – The Oracle

It’s that time of year again when Ed gathers up a big bundle of all our best games and goodies and brings them out to share with everyone. He’s not quite like Santa Claus but close. Ed’s been planning sessions and collecting supplies for weeks in anticipation of this convention and he’s just about ready to bring it all together for the first event of the year! This Saturday and Sunday stop by AnimeCon to play The Consortium, Lyres, or Survival with our dedicated team. We absolutely love running games and can’t wait to show you around some of our favorites. Swing by our booth and... more

More chances to meet the team and get some goodies! – The Oracle

The first convention of 2016 is almost upon us! We have so many fabulous games to show you and loads of fun stuff to bring along that Ed’s probably going to rent a car to haul it all. Set your watch to meet us at AnimeCon in London on February 5th. Anyone who’s seen us at a convention knows that we absolutely love talking to fans and we love running game sessions. Don’t worry if you’re not familiar with the rules! The GM’s are patient and the ruleset is famously easy to pick up. If you don’t believe me bring along your grandma and we’ll get her rolling in under 20... more

2015 Retrospective

Hi everyone!I thought it might be a good idea to do a sort of "What have we done this year?" post. So I started looking over everything we have done, and my instant reaction was "Wow,  that is a lot!" Well, here goes: This time last year, we had a lot of commitments - Era: The Consortium and Amazing Space Adventures Kickstarters had both been funded - but we had not delivered anything to anyone. We had sold a few Rulebook Primers at MCM October but we couldn't even offer full Rulebooks! - January saw Amazing Space Adventures arrive with fans, our first successful... more

The Sounds of Silence – The Oracle

I’ve been talking a lot these last few weeks about work being done in the background. Quite often when I don’t have much news to give you it’s because our independent creators are busy working quietly on their own and at their own pace. We never want to rush our creators into developing a game that they aren’t absolutely thrilled with. So, going forward, we’ll only be sending out a news post during this slot on weeks when we’ve had some action we can share with you. I look forward to following along with our new games as they develop! Until next time, keep those dice... more

Game Distribution – The Oracle

I’m pleased to announce that another one of our creator inspired games is available on DriveThru RPG. Marked for Death is now on the shelf and ready to be played! You can also check out our previous games while you’re shopping for that perfect holiday gift. Both Amazing Space Adventures and Order of the Link, as well as a few pieces of Era: The Consortium, are available. Stop in to check them out and we’ll be busy back here making more games! Ed is working hard to help all our developers progress through their vision. Right now, Frontier is making some good headway, the rules are... more

Working at the Creator’s Pace – The Oracle

Some days it feels like the progress of one game just races along while others slowly plod ahead towards an unseen finish line. Every game creator has their own timeline and sometimes that doesn’t match the hectic pace that Ed has set with his Era games. We strive to keep our creators moving forward at the level which works best for them. Unfortunately, sometimes that means we don’t have much to show you. Things are happening, unseen in the background, and soon as I have solid details to give you I’ll post up the progress from these games. While we’re waiting perhaps you’ll... more

Early Development – The Oracle

Things are in the works. Right now, Ed is busy discussing rules, art, ideas, and all things game related with the creators of both Ether and our newest game. This is the difficult part, the part where we don’t have art to dazzle you or stories to mesmerize you. Work is being done and progress is being made but you’ll just have to take my word for it. While you’re waiting on news for our latest games consider checking out some of the games that we’ve already completed. Order of the Link, Marked for Death, Frontier and Amazing Space Adventures are all available on our website. See... more

Last Day at MCM – The Oracle

The fun is almost done. Today is your last chance to come visit with us at MCM and play through a session with our mighty team of GM’s. There are lives to save and Stiletto Unit needs YOU. Besides, there won’t be another shot at this until December so put yourself on a train, a taxi, a bus, or whatever you’ve got to do to get here! This event has been a huge success so far and we’ve already met so many great people. Some of them have played through a session with us and some of them talked with us about the process of creating unique role playing games. We’ve had some serious... more

Best Time for New Ideas! – The Oracle

We’re heading to MCM Comicon in less than a week now and we really hope to see you there. Along with playing sessions of our games you’ll have a chance to meet and discuss your ideas with the creator of Marked for Death as well as Ether. There’s going to be no better time to get an inside view of what it’s like to create games with Shades of Vengeance. Whether you’re new to our games or just getting started we’ll have loads of information for you and plenty of people for you to talk with. You can ask questions like: - Do I need to know everything about a game before I start... more

Our Crack Team of GMs! – The Oracle

They’re prepped, they’re stretched and we’re thinking about having them bathed and shaved as well. Ed has spent the last several weeks training our specially chosen team of GM’s in preparation for MCM Comicon. It’s right around the corner! We’ve been throwing our GM’s into every possible scenario we can think of: dragon stampede, spaceship side of the road breakdowns, and surprise ninja attacks. It’s been rough but they made it and are ready to start running games. Grab your tickets now to see us at the biggest convention we’re attending for the rest of the... more

Game Status Day! – The Oracle

It is time once again for the Big Game Round Up! Grab your ropes and saddle up ‘cuz I’m a gonna run us through the entire list of what’s what and who’s who in the game development corral. Alright, I think I’ve used up all my cowboy references for the month. So, here we go!   Coming in at the top of the list we have: Amazing Space Adventures– This was our first ever independent collaboration with a game designer. Come see where it all began with this fun sci-fi piece, available now in our store. Order of the Link– Our second collaboration and winner of the... more

Kickstarter Approaching Deadline! – The Oracle

This is your 5 day warning: Marked for Death is coming down in less than a week! Don’t panic, there are plenty of great rewards still available like digital and physical rulebooks, extra sessions and an opportunity to feature your very own character on the website as a sample. Besides rewards we’ve also got Stretch Goals that we’re coming really close to achieving. There’s still time to unlock some of those fabulous extras so get in, get on it, and get playing! Our newest image for this game features an assassin with water skills. How do you keep out someone who can slide in... more

Watch a Live Session! – The Oracle

The timer is counting down, folks. We’ve got just 2 weeks before the Marked for Death Kickstarter comes to a close. It’s been a good run so far and we’d like to thank everyone who’s taken the time to check it out. If you’re still on the fence and wondering what a magical assassin game would look like, I have something just for you. This weekend Sanchit will be posting a live stream of his playing session for everyone to get a few more details, get the feel of the game and really take an inside look. You can check it out here when the time comes. However, if you can’t possibly... more

What to do when there’s nothing to do! – The Oracle

It's officially a slow news day. All of our games are being feverishly developed but today I don't have a single big announcement to give you. That sort of thing happens at times and you have to know how to handle it. So, to help you out I've come up with a few quick ideas on what you can do with your extra time. 1. Take off both shoes and socks. Stuff your hands inside the turned out socks and make puppets. Button eyes and falsetto voice totally optional. Not ideal during rush hour commute. 2. Organize your spice rack according to country of origin, sub-organized by economic... more

Slowly taking over the UK! – The Oracle

It started small; just a thought that grew into a dream. That dream led to our first Era game which is being played by a fantastic group of dedicated fans. It's been an amazing process and we couldn't be happier with the success of the games we've created but today I've got some news that's pushing my excitement meter to the next level. The Shades of Vengeance games will be available at a physical shop in the UK! Very soon you'll be able to walk into a store and grab one of our titles off a shelf. We're currently in talks with the owner to negotiate the terms of carrying a supply of our... more

Running Games – The Oracle

Did you get a chance to play one of our games with Ed yesterday? If you're a new fan joining us today, welcome! Thanks for stopping by and why don't you sit yourself down and relax. If you love RPG's then you're in the right place. Yesterday, Ed was running games at JoyJam in Bethnal Green. There were sessions of Era: The Consortium and Era: The Empowered. Along with our flagship games, Ed also got a chance to run his first ever public session for Order of the Link. It went great and I know everyone who took the chance to play a game loved it. Now that you've gotten an opportunity to... more

JoyJam prep, Lyres Deluxe

Hi everyone! I'm preparing for a brand new convention tomorrow, which is going to be great, I'll be running at least one Order of the Link game (along with several of Era: The Consortium and Era: Lyres of course) at JoyJam in Bethnal Green! I've also had the Lyres Deluxe version preliminary delivered to me, so I'm looking that over. A few modifications are needed, but it's really looking good! Another great layout from Keith (or is that "more", cos it's an extension of the Lyres book?). I think that we should be able to get this out to you all soon now! -... more

Come Join Ed for a Game this weekend! – The Oracle

I said we'd be bringing our games to a neighborhood near you and I'm thrilled to tell you that we've already planned our next event! So, what are you doing this Saturday? Ed is going to be at JoyJam, the totally and completely free Micro-Expo at Bethnal Green in East London at The Pickle Factory. Come join us for a game! He's going to be running game sessions from 2pm until 7pm so there's lots of time to make it down. You can expect to play all our well-known Era sessions such as; Last Stand of Stiletto Unit and Counting Down From One. But hold on to your hat, because Ed is also... more

A Quick Look Back – The Oracle

Marked for Death is heading down the tunnel, we're only a couple of short weeks away from getting this game to Kickstarter! Right now we're creating a few new GIF's, recording an intro video and finalizing all the prep work. Are you ready for this? As we enter the countdown for our next indie game Kickstarter I want to take a minute and look back at some of the other games we've finished. It seems like just yesterday we were going down this same path with our very first game! Amazing Space Adventures was the first time we worked with a game creator to bring their vision to life. We... more

Marked For Death New Art – The Oracle

It's almost here. We're putting on some spit and polish, waiting for a few things to come through and once the game creator is freed up we will officially announce the Marked For Death Kickstarter! I spoke with Ed who gave me a complex run down of all the things that still need to happen for this game. I won't bore you with all the specifics and the minutia of the process but, when it's all said and done it looks like you can expect to see this coming out by the end of the month. Just in time for the full summer holiday to begin! By then you'll have a bit of a tan already and be looking for... more

Did you miss us? – The Oracle

I know what you're thinking. All those photos from MCM London look fabulous and you wish you could have made it but... your apartment was attacked by ninjas... you were forced to rescue a gaggle of old women from a sinking ship... a meteor struck your car just the moment before you were going to get in. Yeah, we totally understand, sometimes you just have a bad day. Well, if you've got those or any other amazing excuse for not seeing us at MCM rest assured you will get another chance. Ed has been searching the countryside for other conventions we can drop in to. These won't be quite as big... more

Final Hours of MCM – The Oracle

This is it, today is your last chance to see us at MCM! The fun is winding down and in a few hours everything will be packed away but until then we'll still be running games. We've got copies of Amazing Space Adventures and Order of the Link just waiting for you. This is also the last chance for you to stop in and have a face to face meeting with Ed. Don't be shy, we would love to hear about your new idea for a game! Now that MCM is wrapping up we'll be starting to get down to business on the Marked for Death Kickstarter. I know everyone is eager to get their hands on this game and we... more

MCM Booth!

Hi everyone! Amy already promised that I'd give some photos of what the booth looks like at the end of setup today. So here they are! Someone (who will remain nameless!) forgot one of the black tablecloths, so there's a wooden table there. I'll bring it with me tomorrow, so you'll see a black table there, probably with some books on, unless we have sold out by the time you reach us! I hope to see you at the convention, or that you make Animé North if you can't make MCM. On a side note, if there's a convention you'd like us to attend, leave us a message in the comments... more

Tomorow’s the Big Day! – The Oracle

It's finally here and my excitement-o-meter is pinging off the charts! Ed is all packed. Our GM's are on standby. The rulebooks, comics, and posters are stowed and ready to go! Friday is the first day of MCM Comicon and there's still plenty of tickets left for this one of a kind event. I completely understand if you've left this for the last minute because I myself am a horrible procrastinator. But there's no time left! Grab seven of your best friends and get yourselves down to MCM Comicon! You don't want to miss out on all the great things happening. We will have copies of Amazing... more

Across the Board – The Oracle

You might think that with everything we've got going on lately we wouldn't be making much progress. I mean, there's the Lyres Kickstarter we just wrapped and are working on extra content, the Consortium rulebooks to send out and the big MCM Comicon convention to get ready for! Well, even with all that going on we're still working hard at all our other games. The creators are excited to get these out to you and some have been putting in a lot of overtime to make that happen. All across the board we've got games that are making headway. Each one has a unique creator and a unique vision which... more

Convention Prep!

Hi everyone! I am going to apologise in advance: I won't be posting at this time next week, because I will be at MCM Comicon in London, running Era: The Consortium and Era: The Empowered games for everyone! It's been really busy here. So many deliveries: Consortium Rulebooks Lyres Rulebooks Order of the Link Rulebooks Posters for the Backdrop Laminated maps for the Last Stand of Stiletto Unit session Posters for sale ... Lots to carry! I hope at least some of you guys will come see us at MCM. Also, I've been working on the Bestiary (which is written) and the... more

Unboxing Day! – The Oracle

Don't you just love it when a package comes for you in the mail? We do! That's because it usually means we've got a new game ready to play. Order of the Link rulebooks have made it safely into Ed's hands. He is busy wrapping, re-packing and sending them out to all of our fabulous Kickstarter backers. For those of you waiting to receive your copy I thought I'd send out a bunch of pictures to show you what you'll be getting. Enjoy! -... more

Order of the Link and Era: Lyres!

Hi everyone! If you're wondering what I've been working on today, it's in the title. I've sent out all of the Order of the Link books for non-US, most of the Artwork Prints (working on the rest now) and am just finishing up that Kicktsarter with John Serembe. I've also been working hard with Stefan, Amy and Sophia on the Bestiary, the new stories and the Traveller's Guide. The last through preparations for MCM May are being finished off, my books and posters are arriving over the next week or so. The prototype of the Consortium Character Creator is coming along... more