New Year, New Stories 2021 Kickstarter Launched!

Hi everyone!

We just launched a new comic project which builds on one from earlier in the year, New Year, New Stories.

A lot of anthologies have a theme, a shared style or shared characters, but that’s not what this anthology is about. Instead, it’s about bringing you work from multiple creators, so that you can enjoy one of their stories and find more if you’re interested.

All profits from this project are split between the creators who brought stories to it (which includes me, my fantastic co-writer Johnathan Lewis, the amazing Dorphise Jean, the always-positive Adit Permana, my fellow Sci-Fi fan Danny Gorny and several others!), meaning that you’re directly supporting indie creators who are struggling during the pandemic. We knew that was important at the beginning of this year and plan to move forward with another issue next year!*

However, the first attempt was a little rushed, and we thought it would be fun to include some elements that are a little quirky, a little more unique to us. We came up with the idea of using Shayde, our mascot to introduce you to the stories! He was redrawn several times with different props to bring character and fun to the covers of the various stories which are in the anthology.

I hope you’ll consider joining us for New Year, New Stories 2021, especially if you didn’t hear about it in January. And in case you need another incentive, there’s a sneak peek at my upcoming (and first solo written) comic, Melqart!

*Want to submit a comic to us for New Year, New Stories 2022? It needs to be PG-13 and either have been released this year or be yet to be released! There are no other requirements apart from quality, so reach out if you’d like to join in!

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