Our first short film – OCCUPIED – is on Kickstarter now!

Hi everyone!

I’m pleased and proud to be able to tell you about our latest Kickstarter, which is a major new direction for Shades of Vengeance, Era: The Empowered and me personally!


OCCUPIED has been brought to life by an amazing team, which includes old favourites such as Jennifer Martin’s writing (Era: The Empowered, Era: Survival) and Leo Cosh as Production Assistant (EraScapes)… as well as brand new people who I am thrilled to add to the team!

This short movie takes place in the Empowered universe, during the time when the Old Gods have risen, claiming the world (“Event Four”).

Drift (featured in our recent comic: https://www.shadesofvengeance.com/product/drift-heroism-digital/ ) teams up with Snake, another hero native to her city, in order to defeat this threat.

You can find out loads more and watch the trailers on the Kickstarter!

– Ed

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