A Very Brief Update!

Hi everyone!

I’m going to keep it short this week. Last week, I was not able to join you because I have just moved house from my home of 5 years and that was pretty exhausting! Even so, creation halts for nothing, so I have delivered Violete #2’s Digital Rewards this week, along with preparing a new comic project, which I hope to launch imminently!

I’ve recently reached out to a few indie writers to collaborate on comics and I’m obviously working through the last of the Survival expansions (3 to go, all almost done!). Beyond that, I’m looking at Era: Forbidden’s Core Rulebook and trying to expand the range of sessions that we have available for people who want to run games.

Beyond that, we’re looking forward to offering more multi-table events for CON-Tingency 2021 (along with a number of other things), and running our ongoing games… plus getting a new card game ready for launch, Era Zone 8 finished off and a few other bits and pieces for 2021!

It’s always busy here, but we’re well-organised and things are going very well!

– Ed

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