New Year, New Stories 2021 Kickstarter Launched!

06 Oct, 2021

Hi everyone! We just launched a new comic project which builds on one from earlier in the year, New Year, New Stories. A lot of anthologies have a theme, a shared style or shared characters, but that’s not what this anthology is about. Instead, it’s about bringing you work from multiple creators, so that … Continue reading New Year, New Stories 2021 Kickstarter Launched!

A Cascade, Five Years in the Making!

08 Aug, 2021

Hi everyone! Cascade is finally here! This team-up comic is on Kickstarter now, and we’re hoping you’ll join us to make the dream of bringing our separate superheroes together a reality by joining us: We’ve been publishing comics for some years now, and I’ve spoken several times on interviews about Lacuna, Blue-Shift, Violete and … Continue reading A Cascade, Five Years in the Making!

Penumbra: Tide, Era: Forbidden and The History of the Future – a busy month!

29 Apr, 2021

Hi everyone! We’ve been more productive than ever over here and I wanted to give you a quick idea of what’s going on! First and most importantly, we have Penumbra’s first main storyline comic on Kickstarter right now ( It’s almost 300% Funded and things are looking great for another sequel, so please check it … Continue reading Penumbra: Tide, Era: Forbidden and The History of the Future – a busy month!

Penumbra: Tide on Kickstarter Now!

19 Apr, 2021

Hi everyone! Johnathan Lewis and I have been extremely busy recently! We have completed DISARMed and are now ready to bring out a comic I’m incredibly excited about, Penumbra: Tide (! This is the final comic before a crossover between characters we have been planning for 5 years, and I can’t wait to bring this … Continue reading Penumbra: Tide on Kickstarter Now!

Blue-Shift: Frenemies – Now In Audio!

09 Apr, 2021

Hi everyone! Great news today for all you Blue-Shift fans out there, because the amazing EraScapes team has voiced and produced an enhanced and extended audio version of one of our best-loved comics, Blue-Shift: Frenemies! For those of you who don’t already know the plot, it’s all about a speedster who goes out for a … Continue reading Blue-Shift: Frenemies – Now In Audio!

What’s Next?

10 Dec, 2020

Hi everyone! I have a tradition, when coming to the end of a year, of talking about what we have done and what’s coming. There are more games, more comics and more audio planned, everything you would expect, along with some things you might not. But the most important thing that’s coming is none of … Continue reading What’s Next?

A Very Brief Update!

19 Nov, 2020

Hi everyone! I’m going to keep it short this week. Last week, I was not able to join you because I have just moved house from my home of 5 years and that was pretty exhausting! Even so, creation halts for nothing, so I have delivered Violete #2’s Digital Rewards this week, along with preparing … Continue reading A Very Brief Update!

Join us for EraMo!

29 Oct, 2020

Hi everyone! Before I go into the primary part of my post today, I’d just like to remind everyone that Era: Forbidden ends this weekend. We’ve had a fantastic month, with loads of actual plays and a lot of games on our Discord (link at the end). I hope you’ll consider joining us and supporting … Continue reading Join us for EraMo!

#AudioDramaSunday: Audiobooks, fear, and you!

04 Oct, 2020

Hey folks! Time for another #AudioDramaSunday post. This time, I want to talk about how to record audiobooks. In particular, on our Survival Horror anthology Life On Gaia ( – there were a lot of lessons I learned during and after recording! Preparation is key! Warming up is ideal to set the scene. Vocal warmups … Continue reading #AudioDramaSunday: Audiobooks, fear, and you!

#AudioDramaSunday Spotlight: The Sounds of A Titan’s Rise

20 Sep, 2020

Hello everybody! Now that the Kickstarter is funded I wanted to dig a little deeper into a few aspects of A Titan’s Rise (! Did you know that we recorded our own sound effects? We felt it was important to fully craft the unique nature of the Consortium setting and give extra support to our … Continue reading #AudioDramaSunday Spotlight: The Sounds of A Titan’s Rise

A Titan’s Rise – Epic Audio Drama

03 Sep, 2020

Hi everyone! Today, I want to talk about A Titan’s Rise, an Audio Drama that has been in production for 2 years now, and has finally make it to Kickstarter! It’s currently 33% Funded (just 24 hours in!) and we’re hoping it’ll go to the goal and beyond by the end of its 34-day run. … Continue reading A Titan’s Rise – Epic Audio Drama